VDriveInfo is well cultured and organized in providing clients and customers with numerous offerings. With the advance level of skilled employees in various technologies boosts us in enhancing our revenue and improve our processes. We are a company that always welcome new ideas and technology, that helps us in providing resources at an affordable rate. Our goal is mere satisfaction of our client.

Our team has a peer class team of consultants that help us in providing Consulting services to client depending on their infrastructure and environment. Our trademark approaches are providing customers on-time delivery, high quality and customer satisfaction. We take care of balancing business needs and customer needs.

Customers/clients can make full use of our reliable, smart and skilled team which can train people in different technologies to expand their skill matrix and also satisfy the needs of customers. With the advanced and systematic approach of having our outsourcing team any business needs can be met on demand. We believe in demand supply method and we deliver on-time. We train our consultants in variety of areas so that they can be skied in overall IT technologies and able to challenge any forthcoming new technologies.

The services that we provide have all been cost-effective. We believe in training people and providing clients services of all the SDLC cycle. The idea is we provide services in software development in any area, testing, Build-release/devops, change management. Middleware, database and in complete cycle. Our company has a good repo with many clients and vendors. We have a 30-day placement policy which we challenge our marketing team and employees to give their best shot at interviews.

Our commitment is based on

  • A well maintained process that end goal is continuous improvement

  • Giving resource at an affordable budget to clients.

  • The key deliverables are customer/client satisfaction

  • We believe in client’s trust and respect their company policies

Our Staffing

VDriveInfo cares for meeting the critical needs of the customers/clients at a shorter time frame and with smart work. We tend to support this activity by providing clients resources that can work on a shorter time frame of project where the existing client lacks its resources in. Our resources jump on their project and work on a timely manner and give their best in providing the client its business need. We envision the innovation of strategic consulting and revamp IT staff management to the core.

VDriveInfo provides a varied range of services in development and delivery. Appropriate consulting, on demand training and sharp staffing are supposed to be a landmark of our company. We can handle work in any technologies as with the varied skill set of members we have boarded in our team. We have served varied clients starting from government projects, state projects and also including serving startup companies. We are flexible and can handle numerous tasks irrespective of the location of the client. Our HR team is smart in placing candidates at a faster pace and depending on the needs of customer. The end target of our work is client satisfaction. We also tend to have meetings with clients in explaining them new technologies and advanced set of employees which we have in our on-boarded team.

Depending on the client needs we provide candidates on their payroll. The idea behind is to make client happy. We work with all types of candidates in managerial background and IT backgrounds. We give management staff to clients who are looking for an individual to manage their team.

We respect client needs and act according to that. We tend to understand their requirements and their budget allocated for a particular project. As soon as we understand we match the best profile in our database and present that person to the client. We give clients a pool of resources that help them in picking the right candidate for their team. Our team has a smart communication fluency and can understand language of business very effectively. We kind of take a spot interview of the person before we present them to client.

We place candidates on direct hire, corp to corp and all other needs of customer. We not even see the advertising boards for jobs but also have internal recruiting team that can enable to provide the needs to customers at a faster rate. Our customers are able to pass any criminal/background checks if there is a need.

We always expand with our team skilled professional workers adding to then team. This in turn gives us a varied technology skill set with our team and also can adapt any initiatives in technology.